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Clearance Wax Melts

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AFRICAN RAIN Tropical rain forest, lush florals, warm rain
AMALFI COAST Juicy tart lemon, orange Bergamont, Crisp mint, Driftwood
AMBER AND BLACK CARDAMOM Eucalyptus, green apple, bergamot, cashmere, sandalwood, patchoulI
BALTIC AMBER Amber resin, Sandalwood, vanilla orchid
BITTER PEACH Peach, blood orange, cardamom, rum, Sandalwood, vanilla
BLACKBERRY BOURBON Blackberry, bourbon, vanilla
BURNING ROSE Rose, Violet, leather, Birch, Ebony Woods
CALLA LILY Lemon peel, cherry blossom, Lily of the Valley, Amyris , light musk
COCONUT CREAM FRAPPE Ripe coconut, butter, fresh brewed coffee
COCONUT PEAR Vanilla, ripe pear, greenery, coconut
COTTON AND COCONUT MILK Fresh air, coconut milk, soft cotton
DANDELION AND SWEET GRASS Lemon, grapefruit, dandelion fluff, sweet grass, white lilies, soft mask
ELDERFLOWER BLOOMS AND QUINCE Delicate pink elder flower blossoms, Queens nectar, white raspberry, strawberry, pink Amber
ENGLISH IVY Fern, green leaves, customs, earthy musk
EUCALYPTUS RAIN A soothing blend of eucalyptus, spearmint, and fresh rain
FRESH LILACS A sweet floral, true blooming lilacs
FRESH PICKED CUCUMBER Clover, cucumber, honeydew melon, green leaves
GEORGIA PRALINES Caramelized sugar, salt, butter, pecans, vanilla
GERANIUM INCENSE A woody, spicy blend of herbal geranium, patchouli, incense, and myrrh
GHOST FLOWER Warm rich Amber, cactus pear, delicate ghost flower
GINGER AND SPICE Orange, lemon, sugar, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla
HONEY SUCKLE AND JASMINE  Ginger, lemon, honeysuckle, Jasmine, wood, Violet
LAVENDER AND JUNIPER Lemon, orange, cyclone, Jasmine, lilac, Amber, Woods
NEROLI AND PISTACHIO Creamy nutty pistachio milk, citrus, melon, Amber, cedar
NOIR 29 Bergamont, bay leaves, black tea, fig, Tobacco, Vetiver
PARIS Freesia, Jasmine, rose, sheer aroma
RAINY DAY Rain mist, wet stone, Sage leaf, water lotus, Oakmoss
SAFFRON  Red saffron, lemon, coconut, sandalwood, cedar, musk
SAGE + SEAGRASS Pineapple, basil,  Rosemary, sea salt,  green foliage, eucalyptus, Tonka bean, vanilla musk
SMOKY VETIVER Smoke, bergamot, hemp, cedar, dark musk, vetiver
SOUTH PACIFIC Coconut milk, sandalwood, coconut, Tonka bean, Cedar
SPRING BLOOMS Green stem, orange, Lily, violet, sandalwood, vetiver
SUNDAY MORNING Pear, ambrette seeds, iris, rose petals, Indonesian patchouli, white woods
TEA GARDEN  Herbal blend of mint, thyme,  ginger, eucalyptus, and rosemary

Sugared watermelon, mandarin, strawberry orchid, white lotus, sheer vanilla