Beautiful Life Atelier

Barn Wood Fall Collection

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Spiced Pear:  Juicy ripe pears warmed by the sun touched with just a kiss of vanilla, brown sugar and spice.

Sunday Morning: Pear Accord, Ambrette Seeds,  Iris Accord, Rose Petals, Orange Flower, Patchouli Indonesia, White Woods, White & Creamy Musk 

Falling Leaves: green stem, lemon, cedar Leaf,  pine, spiced fruit, floral melange, earthy musk undertones

Apple Picking: Pear, Green Leaves, Apple, Cedar, Vanilla

Pumpkin Oat Milk: notes of cinnamon and lemon followed by pumpkin, nutmeg and a beautiful finish of warm oat milk, vanilla and clove.

Bonfire Nights: vanilla bean, almond, caramel, coriander, ginger, bay leaf, clove, cinnamon, leather, amber, tonka, smoky woods, cashmere musks