About Us



Beautiful Life Atelier started as Barn Wood Candle Co. in 2018 by yours truly. I suffered a bit of an identity crisis at that point in my life after being a stay at home mom to my 3 boys for almost 15 years. I was depressed, anxious, and isolated. I got a candle making kit for Christmas and my passion was uncovered.

As time went on, my vision and purpose evolved (as it should, right?!). While I love, love, LOVE making candles, I didn't love that I put myself in a box with the name of my company. I felt as though I couldn't be anything more than a person who makes farmhouse-y type candles, which doesn't really envelope me as a person. Hence the new name, Beautiful Life Atelier.

This brand is all about beauty. Finding it, uncovering it, utilizing it, and relishing in it. Candles have truly created a beautiful life for me and I want to help pass that on to you.