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Spring Fragrances

Spring Fragrances

Blooming Lilacs: Fresh springtime lilacs. Hints of greenery, lilacs, and outdoors.

Orange Blossom + Gardenia: Sun-drenched orange blossoms perched alongside dewy gardenia and whimsical night blooming florals are wrapped in a spiced vanilla.

My Favorite Cardigan: Sun-drenched pineapple leaves, champagne and almond blossoms instantly greet you with a beautiful floral bouquet and wrap you in grounding notes of sugared sandalwood, golden amber and creamy musk. 

This is an enchanting, magical blend of florals, earthy sweetness, and the perfect touch of musk.

Pen + Parchment: Rustic notes of hand pressed paper, cozy ozone and hay fill the air alongside earthy quill feathers and faint aged tobacco leaves with a whisper of vintage waxed writing desks and black ink.

Mirrorball: Illuminating grapefruit zest and fresh jasmine petals set the scene above Damask rose, green stems and summer fruits with a sensual base of soft woods, vanilla bourbon and creamy musk.

On My Mind: This fragrance was created in an attempt to capture the emotion of reflection after a relationship you think will last forever, doesn’t. That period when you’re still madly in love, and when you want things to work out, even though you know it’s already over. It’s that smell that lingers on your pillow, the reason you won’t wash your favorite sweater, and the aroma that has you searching for a familiar face when walking through town.

It’s a powerful and commanding masculine scent, with comfort and nostalgia as well; a true lingering desire.

Violet Dreams: Fresh lakeside air, citrus-forward bergamot and sweet strawberries folded into a bouquet of wild violet hills, white jasmine and lily of the valley over a luxurious base of velvet amber and creamy woods. A beautiful, naturally sweet fragrance that's both captivating and addicting. 

Salted Caramel Milkshake: A warm, sunny day calls for an ice-cold indulgence. Rich caramel syrup and creamy vanilla scent sits atop toasty, crunchy pretzel and a sprinkle of sea salt.

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